Day 3

Hola amigos! Day three begins and we have to hurry to the Red Eléctrica de España electric company. The secretary of the Finnish Embassy meets us there and after a moment, the big boss of R.E.E. shows up. The big boss leads us to the control center where the big boss has had meetings with the Chinese prime minister and with some guy called Barack Obama. The tour guides have great knowledge about Spanish electric grids and to our surprise we are told that half of the electricity is produced through renewable energy. After the tour Josué gives our present from the TAMK and the tour guides were very surprised and happy.

After R.E.E. we took an über ride to the Escuela técnica superior de ingeniería y diseño industrial universidad politécnica de Madrid. Our guides are Mr. Carlos and Mr. Alvares. Its already an afternoon so we head to enjoy a lunch with the guides. The lunch contains two different dishes and it fills us up. Shortly after the lunch we head to explore the school and the labs. Mr Alvares introduces us to the school with a funny humor. The tour is really entertaining, and Mr Alvares and Carlos really know how to treat guests. When the tour is over we decide to go to terrace to enjoy the weather and some refreshments.