Day 2

It was quite hard to wake up early after a match day, but everyone manages to do that. It’s the day when we’ll go to the countryside to see the hydro powerplant. Renting cars in Madrid might sound easy but it turned out to be quite challenging. After speaking Finglish and Spanglish a while we found out that it’s easier and probably cheaper to rent cars from the internet. Finally, we managed to rent the cars and get going to Bolarque.

The journey to the Bolarque took one and a half an hour and we had some time to explore the place there. While exploring places we are greeted by a security guard who couldn’t speak English. After a couple of calls our guide José shows up and the tour begins. José explains everything that happened at the power plant during 1910-2018 and the 90 minutes tour expands to two and a half hours tour with interesting facts. All in all, everyone was surprised with some interesting facts. One of the most interesting fact was that they pump water to the reservoir which is located 15 kilometers away. The day was long, but a part of the group still managed to make it to the student party in Madrid.