About the trip

Some facts about this trip. The students of Electrical Engineering department of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) have a long tradition of making an annual study trip during the last semester of their engineering studies. We call these trips Powertours, since we are studying electrical power engineering and automaion.

During the years have visited several countries in Europe and also overseas during these trips. This spring’s trip, Powertour2018, is part of TAMK course called 5S00BM26-3002 International Studies. In this course students familiarize themselves on some Finnish companies operating in electrical and/or automation engineering field who are making international business. The aim is to learn, how they have succeeded in starting international business and get valuable information and advice for TAMK students for their own career.

The study trip part is totally organized by the students, and the lecturer participating the study trip will have a possibility to enjoy a ready made trip with already agreed meetings with universities and companies operating in our field. Not bad?